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Zakat & Sadaqat Foundation (ZSF) welcomes you to this year’s edition of the competition. The journey of our annual business plan competition started six years ago to promote entrepreneurial skills, ingenuity, creativity and innovation among Nigerian youths.

The procedure for this year edition is as follows:

  1. All applications must be submitted online.
  2. The selection of successful applicants will take place after the closure of the application on 25TH of JUNE, 2021.
  3. All the applicants will be judged by the business idea feasibility, marketability, profitability and managerial abilities of the applicants.
  4. Priority shall be given to business ideas in diverse areas such as science and technology, ICT and green economy, creative arts and nutrition, innovative service delivery systems, modernized agriculture and food processing, cottage industry, etc.
  5. The best 100 successful applicants shall be trained, after which the best 20 shall be selected for oral defence.
  6. The best 10 shall be funded. And the remaining 10 shall only receive consolation prizes
  7. Mentorship shall be provided during the implementation phase to all successful applicants.

Terms & Conditions

  • Past finalists/winners are not eligible to apply.
  • Past runners-up/qualifiers at the preliminary stage are only eligible to apply after three (3) years.
  • In the event of any incorrect information provided by an applicant, his/her application shall be nullified.

All applications will be reviewed by our panel of experts and only the successful candidates would be notified accordingly.

Interested applicants should apply below:

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You must sign in to apply for this position.

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