A’udhubillahi minash Shaytanir Rajim
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

Has there not been over man a period time, when he was not a thing worth mentioning?.
Verily, we have created man from Nutfah( mixed drops of male and female sexual discharge). In order to try him, we made him hearer and seer.
Verily, we showed him the way, whether he’ll be grateful or ungrateful.
Suratul Insan VS 1-3.

There are many stages in life. The Holy Qur’an did explains this amazing stages. Allaah ,our Creator , mentioned most of this stages to our Prophet Muhammad ,Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam.

The psychologists with the little knowledge bestowed upon them by Allaah were able to identified the stages , they unveiled changes and behavior manifests by individual during the stages.

Allah reminds us that there is a stage that we aren’t worth mentioning, a stage where we are Nutfah.

These stages are very important and tells alot about the future of an individual.
These stages, if well managed gives a favorable future result.

From the Nutfah stage in the mother’s womb to the delivery of a bouncing baby, then the stages of development outside the womb , cryings,specific movement , ability to sit up ………

The plans to educate the child by the parents so as to be able to earn and live a meaningful life.

The plans by the individual, he set goals for himself.
Marriage comes to mind and having children follows.

We nurture the children till they grows up and moves away from us due to the choice of occupation and marriage and Gbam!…..
The empty nest stage.



Some may not attain the stage of Nutfah, let alone the blood clot stage in their mother’s womb. For those of us that were able to survive and attain the stage of marriage, we may not get to the stage of empty nest.

Some get to empty nest stage at early 50s for some it is early 60s, the age varies.

What are your plans against empty nest?

A big house?

Having multiply wives and children?

Living with your children?

Making money so as to survive during th stage?

Bringing in grandchildren?

Adoption of orphans?….

Which ever from above you planned , either just one or combination;

choose and think wisely.

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Jariya Aramide

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