What is Zakat?

Zakat is the portion of a Muslim’s wealth that is designated for the poor. It is a means of purification and growth of wealth. It is a kind of charity in Islam, which Allah made compulsory on every eligible Muslim. It is the third pillar of Islam.

Allah said in Surah Tawbah: “Take charity from their wealth in order to purify and sanctify them” [verse 103].

By paying Zakat, a Muslim is aspiring to attain blessing, purification, and the cultivation of good deeds.

Allah mentioned Zakat together with Solat in eighty-two verses in the Qur’an. This indicates the significance of zakat being associated with solat.

Zakat is an obligation from Allah prescribed in the Qur’an, it is emphasized and explained it in the sunnah of prophet Muhammad and it is a consensus among the Muslim ummah.

Ibn ‘Abbas reported that when the Prophet, upon whom be peace, sent Mu’azh ibn Jabal to Yemen (as its governor), he said to him: “You are going to a people who are People of the Scripture. Invite them to accept the shahadah: that there is no god but Allah and I am His Messenger. If they accept and affirm this, tell them that Allah, the Glorious One, has enjoined five prayers upon them during the day and night. If they accept that, tell them also that He has enjoined sadaqah upon their assets which will be taken from the rich of the (Muslim) community and distributed to the poor. If they accept that, refrain from laying hands upon the best of their goods and fear the cry of the oppressed, for there is no barrier between Allah and it.”

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